DC82 Green Black - Central Minutes Chrono

DC82 Green Black - Central Minutes Chrono

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The Damasko DC82 - Central Minutes Chrono is made by Damasko Watches of Germany. The watch is made in-house by Damasko. Many in-house technical innovations are found in this fine timepiece alone.

The DC 82 project is based on a patented chronograph development named C51-2, based on the proven Valjoux 7750. The benchmark for the modification of the caliber 7750 was to significantly increase the readability of the chronograph function. For that reason Damasko put our main focus on the technical realization of a jumping 60-minute stop hand out of the center.

This new patented construction allows to record stoping times even more easily, faster and more accurately. The Lemania 5100 movement so far set a pattern for a clear and unambiguous readability.

Damasko's new construction has two advantages in terms of readability:

First: 60 minutes are now shown in just one complete turn of the center hand rather than the usual 30 minutes, while the assigned minute scale is counted over the full dial.

Further advantages of this movement modification are the possibilities of adding an independently adjustable second time zone and date function, which can be operated by the crown at 3 o’clock.

The DC82 model signifies a new chronograph line with the most diverse increments of Damasko's new caliber C51-2 regulated by Damasko. All parts required for the new  C51-2 caliber, such as plates, wheels, pinions, etc. are produced in-house in Damako's manufactory.

The ice-hardened blackout case is now synonymous with Damasko. The C51-2 gets an additional date display with Damasko own numbering fonts to match the dial and markers. The movement sits within an anti-magnetic cage resistant up to 1,000 Gauss. The 42mm case uses the Damasko patented bezel system which is CAD/CNC designed and engineered.

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