Seastrong Diver 300 Heritage Green

Seastrong Diver 300 Heritage Green

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Vintage-style watches have been making significant waves lately and now is at full throttle. Early adopters like Alpina has launched many of its marvels throughout the years, and most recently tipping their toes into the bronze trend but with specific own tweaks. This vintage bronze package can be found now with their latest launch of its Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Heritage Green Ref. AL-520GR4H6.

A little more on its history. In 1969 Alpina produced a Super Compressor cased diver called the Alpina 10. This was one of many Super Compressor divers made during that era, and the Alpina 10 is a rare and desirable model for collectors these days. Just 50 years later, the highly regarded diving watch is back in the Alpina Collection, this time as the “Seastrong Diver Heritage.” Its illustrious predecessor from the 1960s recalled in two operating elements in the right case flank and the rotating ring which was (at that time, for a good reason) shifted into the inside of the case.

With the help of the crown, the rotating ring can be easily adjusted at “2”. The 60-minute division is also useful for non-divers. For example, the arrow can be positioned so that the approaching hour hand indicates when parking time is running out.

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