Automatic Schwarz Edition 7H109 - Sapphire

Automatic Schwarz Edition 7H109 - Sapphire

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Aristo started way back in 1907, for three generations making precision and reliable timepieces for collectors around the world. When we think of "Watches from Pforzheim," clean and minimalistic designs quickly come to mind, and you are not amiss.

This design can be seen in their new Dessau collection, inspired by their Bauhaus Dessau architecture from the early 90s.

Architect Walter Gropius founded the term "Bauhaus" in Weimar located in Germany from the early 1920s; that bring forth minimalism, simplicity, and elegance into art and architecture.

Applying these elements into timepieces, the Ref.7H109 Dessau Automatic Schwarz (black in German), has a clean, minimalistic dial that makes it elegant enough to be dressy and simple enough for daily wear. It is full of heritage with some modern attitude.

The Arabic hour markers are reminiscent of the 1970s typeface designed by Ed Benguiat and Victor Caruso. This can be found in other German Brethren like Nomos and Stowa.

The Aristo Dessau Automatic Schwarz edition also has a clean matte black hue that allows the wearer to have no obstructions but full legibility in any environment.

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